SwissSign loves to keep you safe


A data security specialist by Swiss Post

SwissSign has two cornerstones: identity services under the brand SwissID and certificate services under the brand SwissSign. SwissID is the digital identity of Switzerland, enabling simple and secure access to the online world. Using the digital signature ‘SwissID Sign’ allows legally valid online conclusion of business. Thanks to electronic certificates, data can be exchanged in encrypted form and therefore protected against unauthorised access. As a Swiss trust service provider (TSP), SwissSign protects all data according to the highest security standards while keeping it in Switzerland.

Our Vision

We make everybody’s digital life safe and easy.

Our mission

With our reliable products and services we make it possible to deploy business processes securely and simply online.


it-sa Fachmesse für IT-Sicherheit

Auch dieses Jahr treffen Sie uns vom 25. bis 27. Oktober 2022 an der it-sa Fachmesse für IT-Sicherheit.

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